SaaS Partnerships Team Lead

How a mature partner marketing team handles new product GTM

Alex Glenn
June 27, 2022
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SaaS Partnerships Team Lead
June 27, 2022

How a mature partner marketing team handles new product GTM

"Hire a strong operations person early on."

How a mature partner marketing team handles new product Go-To-Market

John-David Klausner, VP of Partnerships going by JD, and Moran Khoubian, Director of Global Partner Marketing going by “Mo”, both working at Yotpo - the platform best know originally for their reviews product, then as the loyalty programs category leader for D2C eCommerce brands.Like many other platforms, Yotpo has built and acquired an array of products to benefit users and partners. It’s very much an “ecosystem hub” for tech and agency partners which means it alone can support a partners entire service revenue.

Today, Yotpo’s partnerships team has 5 members working on partner marketing specifically.

Mo and JD have been working effectively together for 6 years now, so they are ideal to speak to effective longevity of partner marketing.

Today we want to uncover how partner marketing impacts global channel success for their 1000+ active agency partners, and 250+ technology partners they engage with.

  • What their program is today
  • Who operates what on the team
  • Orchestrating marketing with partners
  • GTM function for their new products
  • Specifically, after their acquisition of SMS Bump
  • Cross-functional strategy of their GTM
  • How they work with those agency partners who are close to a now competing product (i.e. SMS)
  • How education plays a factor in that GTM success
  • How their 6-year team allows Yotpo to remain a category leader even when they go into 2 new highly competitive categories like loyalty and SMS
  • We end with actionable advice for teams wanting to build a partner marketing role / team

As always, some of the best advice and strategy is right around the 40min mark.


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