SaaS Partnerships Team Lead

Partner GTM with Barrett King from HubSpot

Alex Glenn
January 9, 2023
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SaaS Partnerships Team Lead
January 9, 2023

Partner GTM with Barrett King from HubSpot

The foundational ideology between the two roles is that one is closer to the customer than the other.

I cannot say enough about our guest today. Barrett King, Sr. Manager - GTM Strategy, Global Partner Ecosystem at HubSpot, joins me to run through how go-to-market with solutions partners. We’ve spent some time on previous episodes (refer to the episode with Justin Graci if you like this topic) on partner GTM, but I cannot tell you the listeners we have given you enough on the subject until we hear from Barrett.

In this episode, we will highlight 3 key areas of partner GTM: 

1. Inception of a partner program

  • When you’re ready for partnerships
  • What partnerships are and will for your org
  • And how can you further develop that output
  • Are partners offense or defense
  • Misconception of “Affiliates” vs “Partners”

2. Discovery of partners 

  • Defining personas
  • Attracting partners
  • How much of this is on sales vs marketing

3. Enablement

  • What is bare bones enablement
  • What matters most to early partners
  • When and where certifications come in
  •  What partners need in year 2

As usual, before we dive in, there is a brief word about our sponsors. 


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