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Staying the preferred vendor for a top digital agency w/ Andzen & Justuno

Alex Glenn
September 17, 2022
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Agency Partner
September 17, 2022

Staying the preferred vendor for a top digital agency w/ Andzen & Justuno

"We're getting between 50-100 leads a month from this with JustUno..."

Hey there partnerships people! Welcome back to another episode of Make Them Famous - where you hear from two sides of the partnerships equation.

Today, I am interviewing Jason Anderson, Chief Operating Officer of Andzen - an ecommerce lifecycle marketing agency partnered with JustUno, Klaviyo, Loyalty Lion, and Shopify…

Joining Jason is Derek Booth, Director of Strategic Partnerships at JustUno.

These two are long time user-first partners, but Derek has taken over there account and managed it for about a year now during one of the most important times to maintain close relationships with those great ecommerce partners.

  • How their partnership came to be - it’s something not enough teams do in practice
  • What tech teams can do to spot more potential partners are in their user-base
  • How JustUno incentivizes CS and Sales teams to get more agency-service partner info from the user while on calls
  • We hear some of Jason’s favorite partnerships routines and incentives
  • What Jason attributes Andzen’s referral frequency success to
  • Where do time, product and scalability play into the equation
  • Jason gives us a few examples of when second-rate products won their partnership
  • How to execute with product-led partnerships strategy
  • The power of co-marketing
  • Jason’s top 5 incentives to start or keep partners

And just for fun, Jason rates tech partner incentives (outside of product quality):

  1. Co-marketing and co-selling
  2. Training and certifications
  3. Communication
  4. In-region support
  5. Getting product team members to get on calls with partners
  6. Commissions


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