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The mentality and operations of growth partnerships w/ Ashley Scorpio

Alex Glenn
March 10, 2022
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Agency Partner
March 10, 2022

The mentality and operations of growth partnerships w/ Ashley Scorpio

In order to ensure success of partnerships in your org, you have to have buyin from every stakeholder.

Welcome back to Make Them Famous! The only podcast that sheds light on more than 1 side of the partnership equation. On this show, our goal is to uncover how the best partner leaders, agency operators, ceo’s and department leads activate and enable their partners. 

Back for another round is Ashley Scorpio- VP or Partnerships for Hawke Media. Ashley and her team of 7 manage over 2500 very active partnerships which Hawke as an agency includes in almost everything they do from marketing to sales to client services. 

On this second discussion with Ashley, we are going to uncover: 

  • Ashley's experience with partnerships
  • What's changing
  • Current strategy with partnerships
  • Why she’s hiring a PDR
  • Recap the “Circles” strategy
  • Review some current active partnerships 
  • How the best partnerships began and what they do differently
  • How Ashley qualifies and quickly finds opportunity with almost everyone
  • Why not lead with compensation incentives, and what to do instead
  • How can partner teams perfect the first 90 days of a new partnership - let's create their SOPs live 


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Create Partnerships Memorandums with your new partners. 


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